Fish River Canyon


Our next Namibian destination was Fish River Canyon. Just a few kilometers from our campsite, Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon on the world…
This statement confused me at first. I thought I’d already BEEN to the second largest canyon: the Colca Canyon in Peru. Turns out, after a little more investigation, this canyon is the second widest, while the Colca Canyon is the second deepest! So many slight variations to claim a record. Either way, Fish River Canyon is still very impressive!
We were dropped off by our truck, a couple hours before sunset, to explore the area. We had three kilometers to walk to get back to our dinner area, and could take our time with photos and exploring. The canyon is gorgeous, there’s no denying. The jagged rocks and cliffs, the small river, snaking its way around the bottom: fish river is beautiful. At sunset it is even more stunning. Even so, there are only so many angles one can photograph a canyon from and soon we were having more fun taking pictures of Kelsi pretending to be a koala on the only tree we could find in the area. Then we sat down with a beer and waited for dinner, which was fish. Very appropriate in a place called Fish River.
When the sun had set, it was back to camp! Our campsite’s claim to fame was its very unique bar. The bar was like a graveyard for old automobiles. It was neatly laid out with classic looking cars and trucks all scattered among the tables. There was even a small gift shop that sold its wares out of the back of a wagon. As Manda said, you could take a couple hundred photos in the bar and never get bored. And he was right.
We spent the evening having a couple beers on tap (tap beer is pretty much non-existent here, so this was a treat) and then had an early night. The next morning we were off to our 8th country: South Africa!











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