Back to Stellenbosch


The shark diving took up more of the day than we had expected, so it was a good thing we had nothing else planned except for coastal driving and an overnight stop in wine country! Life’s rough.
We wound our way along the coast from Hermanus to Betty’s Bay and then through the Kogelberg Biosphere reserve. It was gorgeous. I can’t believe how each turn can be more beautiful than the next, even after days and days of driving! We stopped at as many lookouts as we could find.
“Shut up! Look at that view!”
“Take a photo!”
“Pull over here!”
We were ecstatic! By the time we rounded the bend into False Bay we were beyond tired. Jake’s sleepwalking the night before and a morning adrenaline rush with great white sharks made for an exhausting afternoon! We took it slow around the east half of False Bay, then had to pit stop in Gordon’s bay for petrol, a coffee and some sugary snacks.
It was just the kick we needed. 20 minutes or so we were our usual wild selves.
“We’re going to Stellenbosch! Wahoo!”
We hooted and hollered our way along route 44 like real locals: moving in and around vehicles like pro’s and shouting at tourists to “get off the damn road!” We’d been driving in the country for a week now, that makes us experts, right?
Unfortunately, even with our expert driving skills, we still made it to Stellenbosch after the wineries closed. Oh well!
After checking in to our hostel, we found a wonderful hookah bar and restaurant to relax in for the evening. We got a bottle of amazing South Africa wine, a steak (because it was the last beef we’d have for 2 months) and spent the night trying their different crazy cocktails!
It was exactly how we wanted to spend our last night of the road trip!






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